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For those who need to hire a Car for self-drive or with a driver, Car Rental Kampala is here for you. Get in touch with us for not only well conditioned 4×4 vehicles, but also a reliable service that includes good communication, prompt responses, and reasonable rental rates. Rent it and we deliver it to any location you are within or out of the capital. We have availability of a Toyota Rav 4, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado, Land cruiser V8, VX, GX, Safari van, Coaster bus, and saloon cars. Another unique package available is a 4×4 Car with Rooftop tent and camping gear.

Our representative is ready to bring the car right to your home or hotel in any residential area such as Muyenga, Naguru, Buziga, Nakasero, Namugongo, Nsambya, Lugogo, Lubowa, Entebbe to name but a few. He as well comes with a hard copy of the Car rental terms and conditions. Make sure to read through and get to know everything involved such as the insurance, penalties, driving time and other responsibilities.

Kampala has a plethora of appealing allures. With a car provided by us you can easily get around this city to delve into what it has to explore. Other than that you are also free to get the vehicle for a business trip or holiday in Uganda. We give you permission to use the car for the number of days you will be here. You reach every corner of this amazing city and other areas of the nation. Other clients base from Kampala and drive to other nearby interesting locations such as Jinja, Fort portal, Mbale, Gulu and more. Our rental cars are available for everyone including those who fancy to travel to the upcountry. We choose to be there even for tourists who love the vehicle for a group road trip adventure in Uganda.

The minimum number of days for car hire in Uganda is 3 days. For long term rental starting from one week to two weeks or more you receive discounted rates. There is also a perfect alternative to rent a Car with a driver. From Kampala, you can visit nearby prominent allures such as the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda Equator, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls, Reptile village, Mabamba bay, Uganda Wildlife education center in Entebbe, Jinja city, Sipi falls and a lot more.

Our Top Car Rentals Available

Toyota Rav 4
4×4 Toyota Rav 4
45 USD per Day

For a cheap car rental in Uganda, you should look no further than a Toyota Rav 4. This 4×4 SUV is very strong and fuel efficient. Its seating capacity is four people including the driver.

Landcruiser Prado TZ
4×4 Landcruiser Prado
65 USD per Day

If you need a great vehicle that is both pocket friendly and spacious, the Landcruiser Prado is a perfect answer. With its appealing interior facilities, this car is enough for up to 5 people.

4x4 Landcruiser V8
4×4 Landcruiser V8
80 USD per Day

Do you prefer a luxury Jeep for self drive in Uganda? The 4×4 Landcruiser V8 is for you. This vehicle is very strong and has a bigger engine than the Toyota Rav 4 and Land cruiser Prado.

Toyota Noah
Toyota Noah
50 USD per Day

Other vehicle you can try if you need a simple ride in Kampala is the Toyota Noah. It accomodates up to six passengers. It is only perfect for a drive in cities on tarmac roads. Not good for areas with potholes.

4x4 Safari Van
4×4 Safari Van
70 USD per Day

For a family or group travel in Uganda, the Safari van appears to be the best car to take. It takes up to 9 people with also space for luggage. The seats are well spaced. You can hire it for self drive or with a driver.

Toyota Coaster Bus
Toyota Coaster Bus
150 USD per Day

For a group of more than 15 people, the coaster bus is available. This vehicle is very big and takes up to 29 passengers. Rent it and explore Uganda with your colleagues. It is only provided with a driver.

Rent a Car at Entebbe Airport

Rent a car EntebbeReserve your car and we bring it direct at Entebbe Airport. Expect no extra fee. You only pay the rental charge agreed per day. EBB Airport is the main entry point for all travelers who come to Uganda by air plane. This aviation facility welcomes multiple flights from various parts of the world.

It’s ever more congested with cars during the afternoon and lunch time hours. Once you confirm with us our representative will come up to the Airport. Share correct arrival travel details. When you move out look for a placard that displays your name.

Car Hire in Kampala

Traffic in KampalaOther than the Airport, you can hire a car in Kampala city. Popularly known as the capital of Uganda this place has a lot to see. It is home to many hotels and houses in various residential areas. For those who are here for a short period of time and need to get around, don’t delay to rent a Toyota Rav 4 or 4×4 Land cruiser Prado at reasonable rates.

When you arrange with us, the field operator will deliver the car at your location. Be careful while driving in Kampala. The city experiences too much traffic in the morning and evening hours. Be sure to plan accordingly if you hope to have a ride in the capital. Know the places you want to visit and choose the best traffic free roads to use. Try to avoid the city center.

Uganda Car Hire with a Rooftop Tent

4x4 Rooftop Tent CarThere is a breathtaking alternative to explore Uganda. For this option, you don’t need to reserve accommodation for your holiday. Hire a 4×4 Car with rooftop tent and camping gear at an affordable cost. You get to all places around Uganda with your accommodation on top of the vehicle. It usually includes a vehicle with a folding tent. Travelers no longer use ground camping. You sleep in a tent installed at the top of the vehicle. All national parks in Uganda and other tourist sites have reserved camping grounds for those who go camping. While in Kampala city you can use the tent, but you have to pay for space at the area. There is only one camping site and this is Natete backpackers. For Entebbe, you can enjoy the camping experience at the Entebbe backpackers. Read More

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